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Above is a link to my proposal for the project, it is included in the very first post as well. This is my personal intentions that I set out at the very beginning of the project, it details my initial thought, the directions I want to take and the themes I would like to work with.

This post details my initial thoughts, the events leading up to beginning FMP and some artist research.

Here I begin to research the themes and starting points drawn from my proposal if you haven’t already I really advise you to have a look at the link at the very top of the page for this as it is an integral part of the project. In this post I also look at some poetry and include the pages of my sketchbook showing my repose to the themes, I also feature my first colour palette!!

Another post with some artist research, it also includes some personal information about myself, detailing a few the events that have lead to my college education.

In this post, I include some advice as well as posing questions of faith as triggered by Haley Nagy’s “Illuminations”.

I begin to discuss the techniques and methods that are helpful to understanding and developing the creative process, as well as this there is a mood board for visual references.

This is a follow-up to “Gathering Speed part 1”, it is about my personal views on spirituality and religion, I was really excited about this post as it was the first time that I had really thought seriously about it all!!

This post is a bit scattered, my initial posting schedule was every other day, this was really easy at first since I was doing this retrospectively and while on easter break, having now returned to college I am going to have to set it to every three days. As much as I don’t want to there is a definite need for more concise content, which means I need more time to plan and draft!! At this point in my blogging, I have also realised that it would be an ideal time to start including some of the other aspects of FMP, not just the details of my personal project.

A documentation of my experience so far of the group dynamics within FMP, mostly this is where I air out some thoughts on the different roles, how I feel about them and vent a littler bit. It differs from my previous posts as it is not directly linked to my artistic outcomes, but rather an insight into the workings of the project that we are all a part of, from my perspective.

This post will cover the starting point of my physical work. In it, I will be telling the story of how I starting making my pieces and where the inspiration came from. I have been doing a lot of pinning on Pinterest and found many images of textile samples created in a collage style with different types of fabrics, and including some buttons, embroidery, text and other embellishments.

There is not really much of a debate on feminism in this post, I called it that because while writing it I was stuck with how the general perception of sewing/weaving/knitting/crochet and all similar crafts are seen as female orientated. It features a giant cross stitch project undertaken by some artists and some more examples of work in the same theme.

Here are some example of my work moving outside the realms of stitch, I have included my first loom experiments and the results.

So this post is more personal, and it is why I have started a new section called Rambles, not just because my F.M.P is now over and I still want to carry on with this blog. Click the link above to find out what my nightmares are about, how my inner voice has changed and some other stuff not quite to do with my project.

Here I explain the story to each of the three collages I put into the exhibition.

A short summary of my projects.