Article Saving Extensions / Apps – Pocket and Instapaper comparison

While browsing IFTTT, short for if this then that, a platform to organise and discover apps and actions linking other platforms, I found two applets for email digests from Pocket and Instapaper.

Having never heard of either of those I did a quick google search and discovered they are both available as extensions for Chrome, although they are available as applications for mobile devices at the moment I am working solely with my laptop, so this was particularly useful to me, and sparked the question how many other apps have Chrome extensions, something I will carry on investigating.

What each of these apps does is similar, they are specifically for the saving of web pages in article, video or image format, however, the ways in which they differ denote what they might be most useful for. For my take on the similarities and differences of the features read below.

  • Tagging feature
  • Share an excerpt to Facebook, my profile, twitter or via email, with the option to add a note
  • “Read more” about the same subject
  • Search by category in “explore”
  • Bulk edit feature

Pocket highlighting feature - screenshot taken with evernote webclipper for Comaparison post

  • Welcome section
  • Speed reading feature
  • Background color doesn’t have to be picked on each use
  • A few more options to customize reading experience (column width and font style
  • Email sharing through Outlook only
  • Groups note on articles
  • Shows how many notes have been made

Instapaper highlighting feature - screenshot taken with evernote webclipper for Comparison post

  • Both 
  • Standard features (archive, favourite and sharing)

In conclusion, Instapaper gets my vote, while it might not have the social media sharing options of Pocket, for note taking purposes the text box to record notes in and then a dedicated section to find those notes outweighs the lack of a tagging feature especially, however, for sharing, browsing and generally storing articles for reading later on to create a database then Pocket would be just as, if not more, useful.

Like I said earlier, this is a comparison based solely on the features and usability of the Chrome extensions, not the apps, also this post is not endorsed or affiliated with any of the company’s or their partners that have been mentioned, I just my take on them which helped me decide what I wanted to use each extension for.



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