Final Major Project – Are We There Yet?

I just read the first ever post that I wrote, it sounded so promising!! I was really motivated and concise about what I was doing… in the mind frame that I’m in now though that seems like a lifetime away. Somewhere in between then and now I lost track of where I was going with it all, nine days to go and I can say that I’m very pleased to have four pieces of work ready to exhibit, and my personal management file is reasonably full so it looks like success is on the table.

But what has happened to my content? Well, this blog for sure has become a bit of a flop, I’m not sure what to do with it, I would like to be involving other stuff, I mean when the exhibition is over I would like to continue it, and it would be so so great to have a wider input, so like I could be talking about my peers work and things I have found inspiring, making it a more well-rounded blog.

I guess that I’m trying to say that I am pleased to have nearly completed two years of study and be part of an exhibition. The work I created is a reflection of what that has been like for me, I made three collages but up till yesterday, I didn’t even realise how intricately linked they were to my experience of the last six months.

What I had originally called “Woman With White Hair” is now titled – “This is What Stress Can Do”. Obviously that is me – and actually, any woman who gets stressed, it’s a representation of stress, something we are all affected by.

“Kissy Fish Lips” is now called “These Fish Have Red Lips” because that states the obvious. The reality of it is there’s a boy, who I would very much like to kiss me… he is of course completely unavailable (duh, or I wouldn’t even give him a second thought).

And the third collage never had a name until a few days ago, it is called “My Dead Cat”. Last year I had my cat put down, he was ill and old and I didn’t have the money to keep him alive on medication. Truthfully, I didn’t even notice that he was ageing, to me he was the adorable young puss that I knew him as, and he will stay that way forever.

So it turns out that by sticking a load of paper together, covering some of it in sequins and magazine cut out flowers, using ink and paint and glue, I have made three very personal pieces without really intending to, and they look good so bonus points there.

The fourth piece of work is still unfinished, in fact, it is a collection of not quite finished experiments, using materials in way that I hadn’t ever thought of before I have created crochet and knitted samples using wire, string and wool, the final one which I really hope to have done before the exhibition will be a weave with a twist.



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