Final Major Project – Sewing and So Forth

Recently I have been making little sewing samples with buttons and embroidery, moving on from this into other areas of craft I have been looking at weaving, and dabbling with knit and crochet. My first experiments with a loom can be seen here, I used an old picture frame and hammered in some nails then used coarse string to make the warp and then some wool for the weft. My second attempt was much more successful and didn’t end up a tangle of string, and the final piece had an unintentional pattern to it, I still don’t understand the technical parts of weaving but all in all I found it fun!

For my second go at looming, I used cardboard layered up and stuck together with masking tape, then stuck drawing pins into it to wrap the warp around. I also put the warp on in a diagonal pattern, using a crochet hook to make it a continuous loom. Getting the weave off the loom is another issue, for the first piece I have just left it on the frame, but for the one below I tied the loose end of wool around two strands at a time to hold it together then took the pins out and hoped for the best!!

Put pics of the second attempt here

The wool I used was really cheap, something I kind of regret now, I thought that since I was only experimenting I could get away with it, but in actuality having a more expensive material to work with would have given the finished result a richer texture, full disclosure I went to my local £1.20 shop and got two balls for that price.  I have since invested in a finer quality of wool and am really excited to get down and dirty with some pins and my crochet hook, and of course, I’ll keep updating with the results.


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